Can you believe it’s fall already? It sure doesn't feel like it in LA! Yesterday it broke 100 degrees, which definitely doesn't count as Sweater weather! But, for all you out there in other states, sweater weather has begun! Time for pumpkin patches, bundling up and curling up by the TV with a soft blanket and some good netflix hours! 


Sweater Weather JLUXLABEL


Being able to curl up in a cozy sweater is one of the best things ever! At JLUXLABEL we have sweaters and sweater dresses that transition from cozy on the couch to out on the town effortlessly. Before going out, throw on some high boots or heels, earrings and give your hair a good tussle and you are ready to go! Here is Sarah Stage for JLUXLABEL for some glam sweater inspo!




Sarah Stage JLUXLABEL         Sarah Stage JLUXLABEL


Are you prepped for #sweaterweather? If not, head to the shop to get all the outer wear you will need for the upcoming cooler months!