Soaked in Satin JLUXLABEL

I’s a must this season: Satin. From slip dresses to bodysuits and camis, satin is in. Soak yourself in the super soft, delicate fabric thats loose fit falls perfectly on every curve. 

Top - Rumi from FashionToast (one of our favorite style blogs) styles and wears the look perfectly.

Middle - Janice Joostema another amazing blogger layers a satin crop top over a T-shirt for a layered look. Its glam and casual, all layered into one killer outfit. 

Bottom - Shannen Jai, a JLUX fav instagramer, puts a casual spin on the satin slip dress look, looking flawless as always.

Fashion Toast Satin  

Top - Golden girl Kate Dros in our Chanel Satin Bustier Dress, to glam for words! Middle - Natalie Pack, Miss California 2012 Stuns our Gold Cross Satin Blouse. Bottom - Nude Stylles, one of our fav accounts to feed our nude obsession, showcases a glimmering silver satin blouse. 


Our new line has so many satin’s to choose from, bodysuits, blouses and tanks to mix and match throughout your wardrobe.

JLUXLABEL Satin Bodysuits