Balmain Inspo

We love drawing inspo from other amazing designers. Balmain is one of our favorites and the Paris show was nothing short of major inspiration. Celebs, models and influencers attended the event dressed to the nines and in awe.


Balmain Paris Vogue


The Runway featured bronzed beauties with slicked hair, statement jewelry, and fierce make-up.  The models glided down effortlessly in what seemed to be an exotic jungle in the middle of Paris. Stunning and glowing, the models displayed each piece perfectly.

Balmain Paris Spring / Summer 2017 Show 

The after party displayed more of Balmain fashions. Beauties draped in chiffon, dynamic cuts and unique pieces. Complete with statement jewelry and leafy back drops. We love the one of a kind cuts that both flatter and spark interest. The pieces look great on and off the runway!

Balmain fashion show after party


We are excited to bring you JLUXLABEL exclusive pieces coming in OCTOBER! Each piece is original and is created drawing inspo from everything from everyday beauty to balmain and other amazing brands across the board. 


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