Sweaters, lightweight jackets, silk coats. Long. Layers. Are. In. The perfect addition to any outfit that transitions great from day to night. Layers are key to keeping an outfit fresh and dynamic. Throw a long layer over a super simple ensemble and take it from Blah to wow.

Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid step out in light neutral long jackets. 

The Grey tones deliver a soft look and simple basics under create a flawless ensemble.

Gigi and Kendall Jenner Long Jackets





Long sweaters and Jackets add an extra flair to your look. An exta piece that can be used to make an outfit more modest or add a pop of color.



Long Jackets


At Jluxlabel we have 3 long layers to choose from. each with their own personality and look. 


The Vera Long Jacket is the newest JLUXLABEL star. The silk + mesh material makes this lightweight jacket heigh fashion and versatile. In both black and teal, you can wear it in almost any season!



VERA Silk + Mesh Long Coat JLUXLABEL



The Celine is a maxi sweater that is perfect for almost any occasion. Chilly office, busy classroom, chic spring day filled with lunch and shopping, apple picking, drinks with the girls… you name it! It is a closet essential and you will find yourself wearing it all the time. Even better? You can wear it as a dress!


JLUXLABEL Celine Sweater