Darling Magazine and JLUXLABEL



Darling magazine is a publication celebrating the “The art of being a woman”. Unretouched and real women. What a breath of fresh air. With so many filters, photoshopped and contoured pictures and campaigns it gets hard to know what is real and what is an illusion. Darling magazine shines light on the real and amazing women that deserve the spotlight! 


Darling magazine issue 17



Never having heard of the Magazine before, we were thrilled to learn about what it stood for and that they wanted to feature JLUXLABEL! Model Jennie Runk rocked the white knit crop tank and all you need in a basic skirt in a candid black and white photoshoot. And the rest of the issue did not disappoint either…


Jennie Runk in JLUXLABEL in Darling Magazine


Darling Magazine and JLUXLABEL

Issue 17 features a range of articles from politics to art from Naomi Okubu and interviews with actress Emily Kinney, Astrophysicist Kip Thorne and You Tube superwoman Lilly Singh… and more! It is rare to see fashion, art, science, finance and home decor all in one place, but the magazine fits it all in plus more! Keeping the “art of women” tone through out, issues, women and events are discussed and explored. Visit the Darling Magazine Website to explore or grab a copy for yourself! Believe me, you won’t be disappointed!