Bella Hamid Jean Dress


Trending: Denim outfits. From overalls to oversized denim shirts, JEAN IS IN. One of our favorite out of this denim trend is the Jean Dress. Fitted and retro, the right denim dress sends a message of confidence and style. Here are some of our on point denim pics of the season.


Celebrities in Jean dress 2016


So versatile the denim dress can be worn casual or for a day out or as a statement piece for a music festival or day party. This look brings contemporary and retro together for a timeless ensemble. It is edgy with a hint of girl next door.


Bella Hadid gets it 100% right. Bella Hadid’s denim dress look is accessorized perfectly with a edgy chocker necklace and nineties shoes communicates a fierce strong message. That’s the great thing about a solid jean dress, you can accessorize to your liking and make it retro, goth, sexy or casual.


Bella Hadid Denim Dress


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