JLUXLABEL lux gold chocker


At JLUXLABEL we love accessorizing with gold. Gold chokers, earrings, cuffs, zippers, necklaces, buttons... you name it! We love carrying gold accessories and pieces that are dripped in gold. The color adds a little sparkle and glam to any outfit and accentuates skin tones to bring our your inner bronzed beauty. 



JLUXLABEL gold accessories



Pairing a basics or an all nude or all black outfit with a bold gold necklace or bold gold accessories takes it to the next level. It adds a feminine touch that elevates your overall look. We love the way Shay accessorized her slip style silk dress with a bold gold belt and thick gold hoop earrings. 


Shay mitchell blonde


We try to carry as many gold accents and accessories as possible, even though they sell out fast! Make sure to check in to see which gold accessories we have before you check out. You never know what we might have that will make your outfit one for the books!


JLUXLABEL gold chokers


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