JLUXLABEL minimalist


If we could describe the JLUX office in a couple of words it would be:






That pretty much sums it up. 


We are obsessed with clean lines, neutral colors and a little bit of sparkle. We draw inspiration for our line from all types of avenues, but a big one is architecture and interior design.  We love all things lux of course, but pair that with some black, stone or hard line design and we will fall in love!


Here are some designs that are so us.


Pink velvet gold chairs


These chairs describe us perfectly. They are luxe with a touch of feminine. The velvet is chic and timeless and the square arm rests give them a modern feel. Complete with a white rug and white background to create the perfect picture.


Gold home accents


Gold accents make such a difference they can take any simple table, chair, room or outfit to the next level. Here are some gold accents that can add some major glamour to your decor for a small price.


minimalist dream house


Here it is, our dream house. Contemporary, sleek yet luxe, rich and glam. The white, black and gold come together for an amazing combination and grand statement. Wouldn’t it be nice to wake up in a house like this every morning? We definitely think so. The architecture and decor come together to great a clean, chic yet inviting environment. 


Gold and black shower


Minimalist with a dose of intensity. This shower is the ultimate primp place. The black and rose rustic gold compliment each other and make this shower original and breath taking. To start your glam time there would be a dream.




A post behind the scenes of our office is coming soon, but here is a sneak peek! Marble, black white, gold, simple and minimal. Need I say more? Stay tuned and follow us on twitter and like us on Facebook to see when the post launches!