jlUXLABEL Glisten Rhinestone Choker

Kim K always pulls of the choker trend effortlessly. Recently she was spotted wearing a diamond choker on multiple occasions, and we absolutely loved it! Who said your choker has to be black and simple? Kim K sets herself apart by bringing a little sparkle to the trend. 


Kim Kardashian Diamond Choker


A rhinestone or diamond choker is a great option for an occasion that deserves a little glisten. It lets people know you are trendy but sophisticated and put in the extra effort. Paired with a simple tank or silk dress, a sparkly choker can make you stand out and give your outfit some pop.


Kim Kardashian Rhinestone Choker


JLUXLABEL’S new Glisten Choker is just the shine that your wardrobe needs. An accessory that is unique and chic that pairs well with so many things. It is a one of a kind piece that will set you apart and make sure people know you are here to shine!


Kim Kardashian Choker


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