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About Us

Jaide was founded by Teresa and Christina Le in the fall of 2007. After not having any formal training, the sisters tapped into their creative minds because fashion was always their escape. They began to create designs out of sheer passion, and because of their fortitude, imagination was a word of the past, their first line was realized. Coupling that with their entrepreneurial spirit, Jaide Clothing was born.

Jaide Clothing is being worn all of the world with clients in the Middle East, China, Australia, Israel, Jamaica, United Kingdom, South America, the United States and Canada. They have been featured in Reach Magazine, and are amongst the top sellers in boutiques across Vancouver.

Their style lends them credibility to most women because, “Our designs don’t hide the woman’s body, we accentuate it, and celebrate it”. Jaide caters to woman by creating styles that make women feel sexy, which keeps the customers on the edge of what’s to come next.


Jaide clothing is the premiere fashion line for women and their special events. They allow women to capture their true essence and bring out the sexiness and sophistication of style and fashion. Jaide’s motto is simple, “You’ll think its custom made” because their clothing brings out the sensual and the sleekness of a woman’s body.


With plans to expand and become one of Canada’s top women’s clothing line, it’s no wonder Jaide clothing has been invited to events such as Vancouver fashion week, the headline for several fashion shows and the owners of Jaide have even been called on to style models and actors in the up and coming film industry.